Jan Prislin-Planinc
About the Artist

Jan Prislin-Planinc is a visual artist based in Melbourne. She has worked in various mediums, including printmaking and assemblage but currently focuses on oil painting and charcoal drawing.

Jan believes painting is an act of imagination and in her work she seeks to achieve that intangible emotional and psychological presence where physical objects become transcendental entities – spaces for contemplation or bits of poetry.

Although most of her recent works rely on realism of depiction as an instant point of entry for viewers, there is always an underlying and tangible sense of these images being metaphors for something behind the purely visual. Often the inspiration comes from emotions experienced, an elusive mood or evocative poetry. It is in this in-between space that the intimately observed images of nature and the everyday endeavour to take the viewer beyond the purely visual into poetic spaces for contemplation.

Jan’s latest exhibition ‘Atlantis: the fragile, the broken, the lost…’ was at Kinross Art And Spirituality Centre, Toorak.